About Aaron

Hello, my name is Aaron Newcomer. I am a collector and researcher of early 19th century breech-loading firearms systems, with a particular focus on the work of Jean Samuel Pauly and Casimir Lefaucheux. I collect cartridges and documents related to these types of firearms and conduct research on these topics, furthering my understanding and knowledge of these historical firearms and their place in the evolution of firearms technology. My collection and research reflect my dedication to preserving and understanding the history and technical innovations of these early firearms systems.

Please take a look around and learn about the role they played in shaping modern guns and ammunition.

The St. Louis International Cartridge Show, which I organize, is widely recognized as the largest ammunition show in the world. It attracts a diverse range of visitors, including collectors and professionals from the military and forensics sectors, and features hundreds of tables. Annual cartridge seminars, meetings, and auctions are held at the show, providing attendees with opportunities to learn from experts and engage with other enthusiasts. Further information about the show can be found at the following websites: https://CartridgeShow.com and https://www.facebook.com/CartridgeShow.

I am a member of the board of directors of the International Ammunition Association (IAA), where I focus on expanding membership and engagement through the use of web and technology platforms. The IAA was established in 1955 as a resource for cartridge collectors and professionals engaged in ammunition research and forensics. As a member of the board, I work to support the organization’s mission and advance its goals.

I am a member of a number of professional organizations that support my interests in collecting and researching early 19th century breech-loading firearms systems and their related materials. These organizations include:
International Ammunition Association
The American Society of Arms Collectors
European Cartridge Research Association
Ohio Gun Collectors Association
Texas Gun Collectors Association
Alamo Antique Arms Collector’s Association
The Arms and Armour Society
These memberships allow me to stay current with developments in the field and connect with other professionals and enthusiasts.

Publications and Publicity

I have contributed to the publication of multiple articles and provided photographs for a variety of outlets. My work has been recognized by these outlets and I am pleased to have been able to share my knowledge and expertise with others.


Killing Vincent: The Man, The Myth, and The Murder

In this book, I contributed various images and original research related to pinfire cartridges. I also supplied the author, Dr. Arenberg, with hundreds of original-period 7mm pinfire cartridges for modern forensic testing to determine if the autopsy of Vincent van Gogh supports the narrative that he shot himself with a pinfire revolver.

Arenberg, I. Kaufman. Killing Vincent: The Man, the Myth, and the Murder. Nostradamus and the Three Maestros Productions, LLC, 2019. Print.

The Pinfire Page

The Pinfire Page was a recurring column I had in each issue of the bimonthly publication, The International Ammunition Journal. This compilation book combines together the first 5 years of my column, showcasing my research, images and other documents related to the pinfire system which was the first major breakthrough in modern ammunition.


This in-depth book covers the history of Italian military ammunition. Like most countries, pinfire cartridges and guns played a part in their early history. This book features multiple examples from my collection and images of mine of Italian military pinfire cartridges and boxes.

Taviani, Pierluigi, and Carlo Zambon. Munizioni Militari D’Italia, 1861-1946 = Military Ammunitions of Italy. Italy: Edizioni TZ, 2020. Print.


International Ammunition Association Journal
Newcomer, A. (2013). The International Ammunition Association Journal, (492 – 529): Print.
The Pinfire Page in each journal issue from Issue 492, July/August 2013 – Issue 529, September/October 2019

Molans, Paul D. “Tube Primer or Pinfire Primer – An Analysis of a Boché Aine Design.” International Ammunition Association Journal 525 (2019): 42-46. Print.
This article features some research, images and specimens from my collection.

Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association Bulletin
Newcomer, Aaron. “Cupfire-systemet.” Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association Bulletin December 2013 (2013). Print.
The Scandinavian Ammunition Research Association published my article on the cupfire system which was an early form of ammunition made to circumvent Rollin White and Smith & Wesson’s patents.publication title

Miniature Arms: The Journal of the Miniature Arms Collectors/Makers Society
Newcomer, Aaron. “2mm Pinfire Cartridges.” Miniature Arms: The Journal of the Miniature Arms Collectors/Makers Society Apr 2018 (2018). Print.

Research Publications

International Journal of Historical Archaeology
Williams, Blake C. M. “From Goose Drops to Spec Ops: A Pinfire Shotgun Shell from Fort York.” International Journal of Historical Archaeology, vol. 20, no. 4, 2016, pp. 720–729.


Sons of Guns, Season 2, Episode 15
Goettsche, Christopher, prod. “The Hogzilla Gun.” Sons of Guns. Discovery Channel. 4 Jan. 2012. Television.
This episode featured pinfire ammo provided by me. I recorded a phone segment with one of the cast members but the clip did not air.