Patronized by Royalty – A Sales Brochure for Charles Millichamp’s Automatic Self-Acting Field Clock Gun

Charles Millichamp Clock Gun
Charles Millichamp Clock Guns
Colorized by Author

C.M. begs to call the attention of Gentlemen to his PATENT FIELD CLOCK GUN. It is admirably adapted for Scaring Rooks, Wood Pigeons and other Vermin; also for the protection of Young Game in the Breeding Season. It can also be used as an ordinary Alarm Gun against Burglars, Poachers and other Trespassers. The construction of the Gun is simple, and can be managed by a boy. It holds nine 16 Pin-fire Cartridges at one time, these can be set to fire at intervals from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, and can be set to fire a shot at any given hour during the night or early morn by winding and setting the night before. It is one of the most useful things ever invented for Farmers, Gamekeepers and Nurserymen. The works are strong, and with care, will last a lifetime,

A card of instructions sent with each Gun. C.M. has greatly improved the Cartridges since he first brought them out, and at the same time REDUCED THE PRICE OF THEM.


Special Cartridges for the above 4/3 per 100.
Box of 250 Carriage Paid 11/6, if Cash with order.

Unsolicited Testimonials.

Over Farm, near Gloucester
Dear Sir, ― “I am pleased to say the Gun gives great satisfaction I had from you.”

Yours truly, F. HAINE.

Corberley Hall, Cheltenham.
Dear Sir, ― “Have enclosed cheque for the two Field Clock Guns I had. I find they go capitally.”

Yours truly, W. ORGAN.

Kinsham Court.
Sir, ― “I used your Clock Guns in the Pheasant Rearing Field last season, and found them very useful in keeping vermin away, particularly foxes and dogs at night, when birds are too big to be shut in at night.”

T. DULAKE, Head Keeper to F. L. EVELYN, Esq.

Thursford Hall, Norfolk.
Dear Sir, ― “Please send two Guns and 250 Cartridges, and receipt for enclosed cheque to me. Perhaps the fact of my ordering these two Guns in addition to five I have already in use in farms and gardens, is a pretty good proof of my opinion of their efficiency.”

Yours faithfully, J. S. SCOTT CHADD.

Billesdon, Leicester.
Dear Sir, ― “The Clock Gun you sent me has reached here in safety, and it has been working and answers the purpose very well. Will you send one and 200 Cartridges to Mr. W. Durrant, Little Coloinen, Ongar, Essex ?”

Yours truly, E. WILLIAMS.

Estates Office, Sirburn, Tedsworth, Oxon.
Dear Sir, ― “I enclose cheque for Cartridges, and thank you for sending them so promptly. I cannot speak too highly of your invention, it is an excellent bird scarer, and is always there. so much more effective than a man or lad with a gun. and is much cheaper”

Yours truly, JOHN WATSON.

Cold Moreham, Amersham, Bucks.
Dear Sir, ― “Please forward me at once 250 special Cartridges for Field Clock Gun supplied five years ago. I find it very useful indeed in preserving the crops from birds.”

Yours truly, JOHN JOSEPH GRAY.

Bretforton Manor, Evesham.
Sir, ― “Please send me to Honeybourne Station, G.W.R., 250 Pin-Fire Cartridges for the Field Clock Gun, which I find very effective.

Yours truly, W. H. ASHWIN.

Llanmiloe, St. Clears, South Wales.
Dear Sir, ― “Please send at once three more Guns without figures, same as I had last year.

Yours truly, MORGAN JONES.

Belowend Hall, Shrewsbury
Sir, “Please send at once one of your Field Clock Guns, same kind as supplied to Mr. Holmes, Cressage, and 500 Cartridges. I want it to use in the Pheasant Rearing Field.

Yours truly, C. ROBERTS, Gamekeeper.

Emhurst Park, Basingstoke.
General Lord Alex. Russell will thank Mr. Millichamp to send him 500 Cartridges for his Field Clock Gun, which answers admirably both in field and garden.

Eardisley Castle.
Dear Sir, “Please send me 100 Cartridges for Field Clock Gun. I am pleased with the Gun. I have given it a fair trial, and I find that it answers satisfactorily.


Napperton House, Beaminster.
Sir, We have decided to keep your Clock Gun; it works well and is very effective in keeping off the rooks and other birds. Please send 200 Cartridges for the gun.”


Rodd, Kington, Herefordshire.
Sir, “I am very pleased with the Field Gun I obtained from you. It is a most efficient bird scarer. If I had not used it at the time I did, my field of wheat would have been spoiled. I recommend it to agriculturists.”

Yours truly, AARON ROGERS.

Estate Offices, Culford, Bury St. Edmunds.
Dear Sir, ” Please send two more of your Clock Guns for scaring birds as soon as you possibly can.”

Yours faithfully, A. E. PARKER.

Claremont House, St. John’s Road, Buxton.
Sir, ” I shall feel obliged by you sending me another Clock Gun, without figure and 100 Cartridges to Hales Hall, Market Drayton. My bailiff writes that it answers the purpose well for scaring birds, and wants a second for another field.

Yours faithfully, PHILIP BUCHANN.

The Garden, Wexham Springs, Stoke Poges, Bucks.
Sir, “I have the greatest pleasure in testifying to the usefulness of your Field Gun for preserving crops in the garden. I have not any crops injured since I had the Gun. I can strongly recommend them to Gardeners.”

Yours truly, CHAS. FROST.

Houghton-in-the-Dale, Walsingham, Norfolk, Jan. 21st, 1902.
Dear Sir, ― ” Please send me at once 250 Cartridges for Field Clock Gun, which I would not be without for three times its value. I recommended it to two of my friends, viz.: Mr. J. Howell of Walsingham, and Mr. H. Case of North Elham.”

Yours truly, H. J. CRAFER.

Lower Farm, Baulking, Faringdon, Feb. 21st, 1902.
Dear Sir, ― “Please send me at once 250 Cartridges for Field Clock Gun supplied two years ago. I find it very useful for preserving the crops from birds.

Yours truly, E. J. DORMER.

Sedgebarrow, Evesham, Feb. 8th, 1902
Dear Sir, “I should feel greatly obliged if you would send me on at once a box of Cartridges for Field Gun to Ashton-under-Hill Station, (M.R.), as the rooks are very troublesome just now, and it is the only thing that will keep them off.

Yours truly. H. HOLLINGTON.

Ingoe Lower Hall, Matfen, Corbridge-on-Tyne, March 29th, 1902.
Dear Sir, “Please send me 250 Cartridges for the Field Clock Gun. I find it of great use in the lambing season, keeping away the foxes at night.

Yours faithfully, WALTER S. HARRISON.

Kilquade, Greystones, Co. Wicklow, June 12th 1902.
Sir, ” Please send me 250 Cartridges for Gun. It has been a great success and worth twice the money. I think I got you two orders for Bland, of Blandsport and Palmer, of Farmleigh.”


Over Farm, near Gloucester, Dec. 18th, 1903.
Dear Sir, ” Will you send at your very earliest convenience two springs for the striker of one of your Field Guns? I have had two of your Guns through Mr. H. Dyer, and the cost has been paid over and over again, by saving of labour for bird scaring.”

Yours faithfully, FRED HAINE.

Bessborough Farm, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny.
Dear Sir, “Please send me on at once 250 Cartridges for your Field Clock Gun. Enclosed find cheque for same. We simply could not grow Green Crops in spring or summer here without your Gun.

Yours truly, WM. MITCHELL.

Fearn Farm, Fearn Station, Ross-shire, Feb, 9th, 1906.
Dear Sir, “Please send me 500 Cartridges for Field Gun. The Gun has done extra well and no farm should be without one.



H.R.H the Grand Duchess of Mechlenburg.

The Hon. Justice GranthamMr. Price, Stockley
The Earl of LisborneMr. Edwards, Titley
The Earl of DartmoorMr. Davies, Combe
Mr. J. Loftus Bland, Blansford, IrelandMr. Griffiths, Mowley
Major Straford, NorfolkMr. B. Rogers, Stansbatch
Col. Slaney, M.P., ShisnalMr. Turner, Leen, Pembridge
Capt. Black, PerthM. Robb, Esq., Game Farm, Lipbook, Hants
A. Burnett, Esq., Burton-on-Trent
F. A. Freston, Esq., Melton MowbrayF. W. Seabrook, Esq., Ramsey Abbey, Huntingdon.
J. Hart, Esq., King’s Capel
Mr. Farr, Much DewlockJ.P. Maitland, Esq., Abergele, Wales
Mr. Davies, LedburySir P. C. Millbank, Norton Manor, Presteigne
Mr. Edmunds, Orleton
Mr. S. Bourne, Market DraytonMr. Bradley, Shisnal
Mr. Whitehouse, Kingsby, TamworthMr. Cullis, Leominster
Mr. J. B. Ball, Offley Manor, NewportRev. R. Evans, Leominster
Capt. Beaumont. Eastley WooltonMr. Edwards, Pilleth, Knighton
E.M. Barnes, Esq., KemertonA. Hughes, Esq., Wintercott
Mr. R. Griffiths, Eardisley CastleMr. T. H. Harper, Kettering
Mr. E. Lewis, Ledbury

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