Extremely High-Grade 16g Pinfire Shotgun by Coirier à Clermont


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This exquisite 16-gauge pinfire shotgun, retailed by Coirier à Clermont, represents the pinnacle of 19th-century gunmaking craftsmanship. The gun, made by the award-winning Massardier-Poulat of Saint Étienne, France, features intricate engravings and superior workmanship throughout. It is proofed in Saint Étienne and marked as 34 bore, equivalent to a 16-gauge pinfire shotgun.
The shotgun’s rich history intertwines with notable figures like Francis Marquis, whose company made high-quality carbines for cavalry and displayed them at prestigious expositions in Paris and London. This firearm, marked by the Coirier à Clermont name, is a testament to the exceptional quality and artistic elegance of the period.
Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, this 16g pinfire shotgun by Coirier à Clermont is a remarkable piece of history and a true masterpiece of gunmaking artistry. Don’t miss the opportunity to own such a distinguished and rare firearm.