“8mm” Pinfire Cartridge by Jules Chaleyer


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This cartridge is a great example of two things:

  1. Pinfire cartridges had so many variations and even the sizes were not standardized at the very beginning. Jules Chaleyer marketed these as 8mm. He also marketed a 10mm and 12mm cartridge. This cartridge fits in the same guns as the later cartridges that standardized on the 7mm size.
  2. You can’t always believe everything you read that is published. I once wrote a whole article on these attributing them to Jullien & Gauthey based on previous publications that also identified them as such. I later found actual sources that contradicted the other publications. Original sources are always going to be better than anything you read online or in a book, especially if it’s not sourced.

1860 aout et septembre

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