Pinfire Clock Gun Display won 2021 TGCA Award

Clock Gun Display
Clock Gun Display

Winchesters and Colts are the major focus at gun collecting organizations in Texas and the American West. If you can associate a gun with a Texas Ranger or a cowboy then it will likely fit right in! European guns and pinfire in particular have often been overlooked by collecting circles in the United States. John Wayne never used one so its appeal never really grew much here.

So I figured if I were going to introduce a pinfire display at one of these shows I had better make it about something unique enough that would really stand out!

And pinfire clock guns were the perfect solution. They are big and unique and something that the average gun collector is not familiar with. So I put together a display of them for the Texas Gun Collectors Association show.

John Hall 1892 Clock Gun
John Hall 1902 Clock Gun

The John Hall clock guns were the favorites including the 1902 model with the knife for its clock hand. I accompanied them with the original British printed patent and period articles, ads and documents about them. To read more about them view my earlier articles on them here:

The Charles Millichamp clock guns were also displayed. Quite a few people commented on their similar appearance to modern mailboxes. I included my original sales brochure as well as some information and cartridges related to the french clock gun made by Bravard.

Charles Millichamp Clock Guns
Clock Gun Accessories

Earlier articles of mine on the Millichamp clock guns can be read here:

Many people commented on how unique the display was and how it was refreshing to see a different type of display. I was able to talk about these unique bird scarers to many people. It caught the judges’ attention as well and they awarded it a Judge’s Choice award at the recognition ceremony. Now to figure out what pinfire guns to display next year!

Judge's Choice Award