Historic Ammunition Manufacturing Patent Dispute Collection: Featuring Original Legal Briefs and Early Industrial Machinery Models


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The Curious Case of the Cartridge Machines: A 19th Century Patent Puzzle

  • Original Legal Brief from Union Metallic Cartridge Co. vs. U.S. Cartridge Co.
    • Description: This authentic legal brief offers an unprecedented look into the landmark Supreme Court case that set critical precedents in patent law. Dated from the late 19th century, it includes detailed arguments, court responses, and the final opinion that shaped intellectual property rights in the ammunition manufacturing industry.
  • Models of the Revolutionary Cartridge Machines
    • Description: Multiple detailed scale model of a groundbreaking machine from the 1860s, designed to efficiently form the hollow rim of a cartridge shell in a single operation. This model exemplifies the advanced technology that was central to a significant patent dispute, skillfully crafted to illustrate the mechanical innovations of the period.
  • Collection of Cartridge Samples with Recessed Rims
    • Description: A set of historically significant cartridge samples produced using Allen’s patented technology. Each piece showcases the distinctive recessed rim that was central to the patent infringement lawsuit. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of military and industrial history.
  • Wooden Models Demonstrating Machinery Components
    • Description: Intricately carved wooden models showing the key components of the disputed machinery, including the die, mandrel, and bunter. These models provide a tangible insight into the early manufacturing processes and were used as demonstrative evidence during the legal proceedings.
  • Cross-Sectioned Shells Display
    • Description: This educational exhibit features several cross-sectioned shells that reveal the interior construction and how the innovative machinery impacted ammunition design. A perfect piece for display, offering a unique look at the technical advancements that were contested in the Supreme Court.
  • Assorted Tools and Devices Used in Cartridge Manufacturing
    • Description: A collection of smaller tools and devices, each contributing to the cartridge manufacturing process. These items highlight the meticulous attention to detail required in the production of ammunition and represent the small yet significant innovations that drove the industry forward.